Tank Cleaning and Removal of Oil Storage Tanks

Merkland Tank have particular expertise in Tank Cleaning and Removal of Oil Storage Tanks in the UK.

We can Project Manage the Removal of old Redundant Fuel Tanks:

  • Removing and Disposing of old residue oil
  • Cleaning and Gas Freeing tank and associated pipework
  • Removing tank from premises either by lifting out or by manual means depending on the confined area.
  • Supply All Trained Operators and Rescue Team

While carrying out the above tasks Merkland Tank ensure the correct safety standards are employed at all times.

Cleaning and Removal of HFO Oil Storage Tank at a distillery.

Tank Cleaning In Progress On Site

Some tanks, such as those containing volatile Heavy Fuel Oils (HFO), require heating to remove the product. Extra care must be taken as the heating itself creates hazardous gases that require venting out of the area of work.

To eliminate any other risks such as fire, explosion or ecological pollution, tanks and any associated pipelines or pumps are cleaned to allow for safe dismantling of the structure.

Regardless of the size of your tank, let Merkland Tank take care of your Tank Cleaning and Removal Requirements in a safe and environmental, professional manner.

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