Loch Lomond Distillery – Industrial Tank Cleaning & Maintenance

Every year in June, the Loch Lomond Distillery in Alexandria, Scotland, shuts down for essential plant maintenance. During this strict two-week period, Merkland Tank carry out a range of tank cleaning services to prevent the build-up of unwanted residue resulting from the distillation process.

The annual summer shutdown presents its own challenges. Timescales are tight and the Distillery must be ready to re-commence production within a two-week window.

The build-up in tanks also differs from year to year and as a result, the cleaning process may require additional access solutions, such as scaffolding, in order to complete the clean (although this will not be known until the tank clean begins).

The presence of harmful and flammable fumes within the tanks also means our team are often required to use specialist breathing apparatus in confined spaces, for which they are all fully trained.

Merkland Tank have the knowledge, capability and equipment to react both quickly and safely to these changes in the environment and complete the clean to our client’s timescale.

Our experienced team of technicians, many of whom have serviced the Loch Lomond tanks for nearly 20 years, are responsible for the vital cleaning of silos, pot ale tanks, feed tanks and concentrate tanks, plus the cleaning of the boilers, cooling tower and interceptor.

This annual cleaning process ensures the whisky by-products used for animal feed remains of a consistently high quality.

Steeped in tradition dating back to 1814, the current Distillery was founded in 1964 and is operated by the Loch Lomond Group. It operates a unique set-up of stills in the malt distillery as well as grain stills, giving them the ability and self-sufficiency to produce single malt, blended and grain whisky.

Their unique straight neck pot malt stills include special distillation trays and cooling apparatus which allows for greater contact with copper and the ability to accurately control the temperature in the still. This enables the spirit to be taken off at different alcohol strengths, providing different flavour characteristics for their master blender to work with.

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