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We can carry out inspection of oil tanks and pipe lines on a programmed basis to ensure that you are complying with changing environmental regulations. We work to Guidance for Pollution Prevention : Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks GPP2. Giving a full written report with any recommendations, on any upgrades estimates and changes of maintenance procedures or schedule.

Have you had your oil storage tanks checked or inspected recently? If not why not contact us now for an inspection ? We can advise then provide routine inspection and maintenance programs to suit your requirements. We already have many satisfied customers on oil tank maintenance programs throughout the UK.

Your tank manufacturer will be able to tell you what regular maintenance your tank needs. Use a registered competent technician to check your tanks, secondary containment and pipework every year and remove any condensation water that has accumulated within the tank. You should receive a written report on the state of your tank after the inspection is completed. Any repairs or alterations detailed in the report should be done by a registered, competent technician.

To make sure a constructed bund retains its integrity, use a reputable company to repair any defects in the bund wall or lining promptly.Keep a log of the inspections, any repair work on your tanks and who carried out the work.

Water taken out of the bund might be contaminated. Any accumulated water, oil or debris should be removed and disposed of in line with waste management legislation. In all cases where wastes are removed, as the waste producer you are obliged under the Duty of Care to describe the waste accurately and dispose of it properly.

In England and Wales, waste contaminated with oil is classed as hazardous waste unless you can show there is under 0.1% oil.