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What our clients say.

In an age where client/peer review is the dominant selection method we are very proud of what our clients say about our service provision

I can confirm that Merkland Tank Limited have worked with Trident Engineering for over years, carrying out various projects including;UHP cleaning of large vertical storage tanks in excess of five million litres. Cleaning of aboveground and semi buried storage tanks on COMAH sites and depots storing low flash products, requiring operatives to work with full BA equipment at all times. I Cleaning of internally lined Aviation tanks. I Interceptor cleaning, including removal and disposal of all waste.
We have found Merkland to be reliable and professional company and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others. . Yours faithfully,

Scott Stewart MacLachlan

Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager For Trident Engineering Consultants

Scott Stewart MacLachlan, Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager, Trident Engineering Consultants

This is to certify that we have used Merkland Tank for all our cold storage tank cleaning and chlorinating at Glasgow Airport along with pipe insulating work.Work was carried out to BS6700 and all other relevant Health and Safety Regulations pertaining to this type of contract..
“We have worked with Merkland Tank for a number of years and always find them to be most helpful and conscientious with the work and would have no hesitation in recommending them for this type of work.”

C Anthony, Senior Engineering Technician, BAA Glasgow

Balfour Beatty, MOD Gibraltar
Used for refuelling of naval warships, Kings Lines Oil Fuel Depot is one of the largest underground fuel tank cells in the world.

Merkland Tank was awarded the contract for cleaning of the tanks based on many year’s experience, it is our outstanding safety record and flexible working practices. Located 200m inside the Rock Of Gibraltar and extending to a depth of 600m, this contract represented a major challenge for Merkland Tank’s management and workforce.

Occupying eight employees over a period of four months, the contract involved considerable risk. Employees would be working in a very dark enclosed space, cleaning and removing oil residues from this massive tank.

To undertake the task safely and efficiently, Merkland Tank had to construct a mobile staging platform above a trough which would catch the oily residues dislodged from the interior. These were then dissolved in diesel and pumped to the surface for disposal at the sullage tanks. Venturi ventilation fans were used to minimise workers’ exposure to fumes.

The contract was completed on time to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Our recommendation of your company has been more than justified by your excellent performance in completing the cleaning of two very large cells, to the required standard within a tight schedule“

I.E. Cullis Works Services Manager Balfour Beatty Gibraltar Branch, Balfour Beatty

Calder Hall Sellafield

The above work has now been completed and I would like to thank you and your staff for carrying out this work in a safe, competent and professional manner.
This is the first tank we have needed to have cleaned and the profile of this work was extremely high and the work area was visited on many occasions by our senior managers and regulators, all of which provided positive feedback on the work.

Reay Scott Project Manager Decommissioning and Demolition, British Nuclear Fuels

Garvel Clyde offers dry docking facilities and turnkey marine repair services located at Greenock and Troon on the Firth of Clyde.

Garvel has recently reached their 20th anniversary in the ship repair industry and would like to thank the team at Merkland Tank for providing us with such a friendly and professional service over these many years.

“We have always found Merkland Tank very supportive, being able to attend at short notice day or night in what is such a demanding industry.Whether we require tanker disposals or cleaning contracts your highly motivated operatives deliver a quality service first time, every time.”

Again many thanks from all of us at Garvel Clyde for your assistance and look forward to using your services for the next 20years.

Walter Hamilton Operations Manager, Garvel Clyde

Scottish Hydro PLC
Power Station is home to three of the tallest oil tanks in the UK. These 70m diameter tanks are used as standby should a problem occur with the main power generating facility.

Merkland Tank was awarded the contract for cleaning of the tanks based on it’s excellent safety and environmental record and it’s ability to provide a comprehensive service.

The project involved the transfer of residual oil from the tank, gas clearance of the tank, followed by removal of oil sludge and the squeegee cleaning of the remaining solid residues.

The tank was then hot water jetted using 3000 psi hot jetting units. The remaining oil/contaminated water was then removed using the vacuum tanker and disposed of at an approved facility.

“The contract was awarded to you after evaluating competitive tenders,taking into account your policy towards safety and the environment. The work was carried out efficiently and to budget.”

R. Murray, Maintenance Team Engineer Peterhead Power Station, Peterhead Power Station

Scottish Power plc
Location : Inverkip Power Station, Clyde Estuary
Demolition of 3 Oil tanks and associated pipelines
Construction of a new power station wasbegun in 1970, for South of Scotland Electricity Board (SSEB), laterScottish Power, at Wemyss Bay on the River Clyde. The station was designed to use Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) but the oil crisis of the early1970’s ensured that it was not economically viable to run, and whilethe station was only utilised in part during the miners’ strike of1984/85, it was never fully commissioned and was maintained asstrategic reserve until decommissioning in 2009. The decision wasthen taken to demolish the station.

As a prelude to demolition of thestation, Merkland Tank was contracted to remove the oil contained inthree Fuel Oil storage tanks, then clean the tanks and associatedpipework.

The cleaning project commenced inJanuary 2010, during one of the worst winters on record. Working with Demolition Contractor KDC,all pipelines had first to be cleared and removed prior to cleaningthe storage tanks. Pipelines were systematically cleaned and removedfrom site, including transfer pipes at the jetty. This work requiredoperatives to work above water in all weather conditions with no oilspillage or risking injury.

Work on tank cleaning began when allpipelines had been successfully removed. Despite the station beingout of service for many years, nearly 2,000 tonnes of cold HFO had tobe removed. Using a number of high capacity pumps and DISAB tankerunits, the HFO was decanted and distributed to various disposal sitesaround the UK. When the oil had been completely removed the tankscould be cleaned.

The arduous task of physically cleaningthe storage tanks (76m diameter) was made more difficult due to thelack of a site water supply to use with jetting equipment. By September 2010 the project was completed on time and within budget with no lost time injuries or incidents.

Scottish Power PLC, Scottish Power PLC